Riley’s Sister

When we purchased Ivan as a two year old stallion, part of our purchase agreement included breeding rights to two of the former owner’s mares. So in addition to Margo the haflinger (which we all know how that turned out), Ivan also covered two thoroughbred mares.

Sadly, one of the mares passed away (colic I think?) while still pregnant. The other had a sweet little grey filly called Lola.


Through circumstances I can’t quite recall, Lola also ended up with us for a time.

Lola trot

With brother in the background


Lola canter

Lola eventually moved on to another home, since at that point in time we were pretty much at capacity with 4 young horses at home in addition to the usual crew.


It’s amazing how time flies, and Lola will also be ten this year. But memories persist!


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