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Yesterday we headed out to a local cross-country course to get some schooling in. We haven’t been over any kind of terrain or solid fences since June and I felt it was really important to get out again to continue building our confidence and prepare for Novice this fall. While we have been schooling 3′-3’3″ showjumping fences at home (training level height) we have never been over anything larger than beginner novice cross-country. I wasn’t worried about the height as much as my (and therefore his) relaxation.

It was super hot so we kept it minimal, but what we did I was really pleased with! We had a slightly rough start due to me losing my stirrups over a couple fences- this is because I desperately needed to shorten them and had been hoping to do this in a show jumping school, but hadn’t done it yet. So we rolled my stirrups (somehow I have the longest stirrup leathers in the world- just look at the excess!) and proceeded. As a result I feel like my leg was much tighter but my upper body felt a bit unbalanced with the change. Looking at these photos I realize I could do with closing my hip angle and a couple other adjustments, but nothing we can’t fix!

Foster sailed over the Novice fences like a champ. We had one minor discussion about the ditch as a result of my jumping up his neck on his first attempt over it, but thanks to Ali’s egging me on we made it over again. I definitely came away with some great feedback (like MORE ENERGY!) and am super stoked about what this season will bring.

Next week we have a showjumping lesson with Holly Hudspeth and then a dressage lesson over the weekend at Eliza Sydnor’s (where I’ll get to ride in front of mirrors! yay!) We have plenty to work on and I’ll post recaps after. In the next couple weeks I want to get in a jumping photoshoot with my new camera and a bangin’ new brick arch jump I’m about to go paint with Ali! Stay posted!

Before shortening my stirrups! Yikes!

Before shortening my stirrups! Yikes!




Some eq work to be done still...

Some eq work to be done still…

11 thoughts on “XC Schooling

  1. Looks like you had fun schooling xc! It’s good when you can look at your own pictures to know what you have to work on. I remember during the spring almost every lesson I had someone taking pictures of me (wish I had some video) so I could critique myself later on.

    • I’ve been getting a lot of visual feedback recently too and it has made a HUGE difference to me- as a visual learner there is no better tool. Also why I am so stoked to ride in front of mirrors this weekend- while it may be cringeworthy at the moment it is a huge help in the long run!

      • Have a great time riding this weekend! Mirrors are a HUGE help. I’ve only had the chance to do it a few times and it is shocking how quickly you see what is good/bad about your position!

    • I was feeling a bit better towards the end of it, but I’m glad I’m not the only one that takes time to adjust! I want to jump with that length again Tuesday before my lesson and hopefully that will help! Practice makes perfect 😀

    • I have considered it to get some jumping miles, but I’m afraid my equitation would get me laughed out of the house! Ali is actually trying to get me to go to a little local show in September.. so maybe, we’ll see! 🙂

    • Thanks! It was scary buying a baby because you have no idea what their jumping ability will be, just have to go off of their confirmation and way of going- I guess I got lucky! 🙂

      • Same thing happened to me! I was given Wiz so I just kind of took him thinking if it didn’t work out I could sell him and wouldn’t have too much of a loss. Luckily so far he’s been fabulous 🙂 Glad we both got lucky!

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