In search of…

Thank you for all of your comments and well wishes yesterday, they were very appreciated. The paperwork went through, and just like that, I am no longer Fosterpants’ primary caregiver. Luckily his new mom is absolutely wonderful and wants me to have as much access to him as I want, and I’ll probably be hopping on him once a week or so for the next little while. More details and an attempt to sum up the journey coming.

In the meantime, let me regale you with my horsey ISO ad, since I’m officially in horse hunting territory.

“Adult amateur seeks fancypants unicorn in ultimate champagne on a beer budget scenario. Prefer gelding, at least 15.3 hands tall and between the ages of 3 and 9. Must have great brain, preferably canine-like personality and cuddly tendencies. A forgiving nature, for those amateur moments, is an absolute requirement. Need not be able to memorize showjumping tracks, but being able to count jumps would be helpful to this occasionally ditzy eventing DQ.

Fine, fine, I'll share it again.

Never gets old.

Suspension and athleticism important. And by suspension, I mean that of a Porsche or Audi, not a Model T. Prospective owner seeks to be competitive in the dressage court and in the eventing irons, that is, if she can remember her courses. Proven jumping ability preferred, but willing to survive train a green but willing jumper as well.


Horse will receive almost daily attention from prospective owner, be taught ridiculous tricks like smiling and bowing, and in general be spoiled rotten. As such, the horse must in turn tolerate copious amounts of picture taking, both as the subject of his new owner’s photography experiments, but also on a routine basis for the purpose of bombarding the blogosphere and social media channels with their presence.


Besides being sound of mind, horse must be sound of body. While this amateur owner has become efficient at wrapping, icing, hand walking, and bonding with vets, she would like to turn her attention to other hobbies. Like riding. Lemons need not apply, and you better believe there will be a pre-purchase exam.


In return for meeting these lengthy and lofty requirements, any future horse will be held on a pedestal above all others, if not in the judges’ eyes than in his owner’s. He will receive the best of care at a top-notch facility, have his legs and feeding regimen obsessed over at length, and be stuffed full of cookies at every horse show. Oh, let’s be serious- he’ll be stuffed full of cookies every day. And with all hope, he will be a lifelong partner.”


25 thoughts on “In search of…

    • Facebook has been a love- I wasn’t intending to share this that publicly but a couple friends talked me into it, and I’m glad I did!

  1. Good luck with the search. That twisted horse gif is really weird. Don’t get one like that.

  2. If you didn’t need that whole sound of mind thing, I’d have just the horse for you. 😉 Good luck in your search! I can’t wait to see what you find!

  3. Sending so many good vibes your way!! And if you ever come up to northern VA, definitely talk to Phyllis Dawson (Windchase Farm, where I got Frankie). She always has tons of great horses coming through, and I definitely saw a couple that might meet the criteria 🙂

  4. Those gifs are incredible and perfect (as always). Excellent ad. I am so excited to see what gems you might uncover – and hopefully it’ll be the “one” sooner rather than later!

  5. So glad Foster found a great home, and that you’re officially on the hunt for your next competition partner ❤

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