Revised 2016 Goals

Moving forward with the idea of thinking proactively, I’ve decided I’m going to come up with a revised set of goals for the year. Because just because my entire horsey list got dashed 6 days into the year doesn’t mean I can’t have things to work towards for the next 11 months.

So, knowing oh so well that man proposes, but God disposes, here are my lightly-written-in-pencil plans.

First and foremost…

  1. Find the perfect situation for Foster.


Homeboy owes me nothing, and I owe him a lot (post coming). After so much discussion, doubts, and pleas to trusted friends for advice, the right situation for Foster is looking like a new rider. That could be a long term free lease situation, but more likely it will be a permanent change with one hell of a first-right-of-refusal contract (Hello, lawyer husband- aren’t you a handy one). More on this later.

  1. Keep riding.
Catch riding in 2010 during Ivan's absence

Catch riding in 2010 during Ivan’s absence

Whether it’s Foster while he’s still with me, another horse, I don’t want to give up this hobby. Heartbreaking as it can be, horses are a part of who I am and my identity- so that’s not going to change. I’m lucky enough to have some options for this, and once I figure out Foster I’ll be able to share more.

  1. Focus on savings
Lots of photoshoots hopefully in the future!

Lots of photoshoots hopefully in the future!

There’s a whole lot of balls in the air right now, and a key to feeling secure in any of the directions this year will take me will desire a bit of cash in my back pocket. So I’ve got to make a big effort to redirect my dollars to the savings account, something I’ve only been so-so at in the past.

2016. From the hopeful year of redemption to the year of guess-we’ll-see-what-happens.

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