Fair Hill Bound!

I’m packing up my gear and heading on another adventure this weekend- but this time.. with ponies!

While I’m not looking forward to the comparably frigid temps in Maryland compared to the mid 70s we’ve been blessed with here in Carolina this week, I am looking forward to several things:

  • Friends
  • Wine
  • Horses
  • Making new friends (who presumably also like wine and horses)

Anybody from blogger land going to the horse trials? Leave a comment if so and let’s meet up! I’ll be the one toodling around with an adult beverage in one hand and a camera in the other.

8 thoughts on “Fair Hill Bound!

    • yessssss!!!!!!! that would be awesome! hoping to be there saturday afternoon to catch the end of the 3* cross country. feel free to email me at fraidycat.eventing at gmail.com if you want to set something up 🙂

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