Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

Last week I visited the glorious land of California for a creative professional conference, and while I thought traveling alone would lead to some much needed gym time and blog post writing, it ended up that I pretended I was way cooler than I actually am and spent that time out on the town.

At Adobe MAX!

At Adobe MAX!

So, sorry for the radio silence. I do want to share some of my LA experiences, but that’s for another post!

For now, I want to share a certain spotted pony update.

Foster received his first of 3-4 IRAP injections on Friday. IRAP is a process that includes taking blood from the horse, and using a centrifuge, spinning it down to plasma that is rich with a protein suited to reducing inflammation common to degenerative joint disease, and then re-injecting that plasma back into the affected joint.

In order to avoid the drama that came with our HA injection, Foster was thoroughly knocked out for the procedure. Homeboy was pretty much zombified, and I’m not sure that he even felt his legs, much less the actual injection. So while he came to, the vet and I chatted about a recovery plan.

Before our appointment I had been allowed to build him up to 15 minutes of hand walking, followed by icing and as much grazing as possible. Unfortunately with my sudden trip, I only got him up to 10 minutes, and so worried about setting him back in his plan.

Luckily that appears not to be the case. Assuming the ground will dry out a bit, I am pleased to report that in the next couple days Foster will start a limited turnout routine(!). His mini-paddock will only be about the size of two stalls combined, but at least he will be outside with grass and a bit more space to move around. And then shortly after, I get to climb aboard for tack-walking, starting at 5 minutes and building.

Even though this situation will likely last another month, I can’t tell you how relieved I am to feel like the end is in sight. The last two months (yes two months- can you believe it) have just flown by, but nonetheless I know Foster and I will both be relieved to start returning to normalcy and activity soon!

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