Plans in Pencil

Last night, with the heat index hovering right around the 100* mark, I opted out of a trip to the barn, trusting a friend to check Foster’s leg for me. Instead, the husband and I went on a double date with the fabulous Emily of The Exquisite Equine, and we traded notes on our ponies (both on the up and up!), scary movies, and how they are adjusting to life in the south.

As if horses aren’t normally on the brain (newsflash: they are always on the brain), I feel like the last 3 weeks have been a fun and strange trip further into the land of Equestrian Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Likewise, the constant is-he-lame, how-do-I-fix-it, what’s-wrong-today makes me also appreciate the tough life of a hypochondriac, obsessing over the smallest of details and second guessing anything and everything as the right choice for my horse.

Training screenshot @ CHP Clinic. Feb 2015

Training screenshot @ CHP Clinic. Feb 2015

However I like to think I am switching gears slightly, as I think things are looking more positive so plans and decisions need to be made. Tonight I have a dressage lesson and hopefully go over some of the areas we’ve neglected over the last couple months. Then tomorrow, dare I even say it, I have a jump school planned at the barn I used to board at. To say I’m excited to get back in that arena is an understatement, and I have high hopes that we will finally get another confidence building jump school in.

October 2014 @ CHP

Novice, October 2014 @ CHP and scope for days

Thursday then is the day that I have to decide on the clinic, and which group I will ride in. I’ve been currently placed in the Training group (eep!), even though I signed up for Novice/Training, and the cogs are running constantly considering my options. Either way you better believe I’ll be putting my newly honed OCDness to the test and my horse is going to be bubble wrapped to the teeth between now and then. Don’t mind me- I’ll just be sitting in my corner hoarding all the good juju I can get.

8 thoughts on “Plans in Pencil

  1. ahhh i’m so far behind so perhaps the outcomes will be forthcoming in the next posts – but i’m super excited for you! fingers crossed everything went well with the lesson and that you can refocus on looking forward again! also very cool that you met Emily 🙂

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