Another one bites the dust

… is officially our theme song this year.

Friday I rolled up to the barn hoping and praying that Foster would be fine after his ridiculous field antics from the day before, only to see that his front right was doing a very fine job of impersonating a beach ball. In all serious, there was a massive amount of swelling on that fragile little leg.

Friday's view

Friday’s view

Friday from the front

Friday from the front

After checking him for heat (there was none) and chucking him on the lunge to see a sound, happy pony, I cold hosed it, poulticed, and turned him out. Maybe, just maybe, the swelling would go down after some time moving around outside and we could still have our lesson on Sunday.

So Saturday when I arrived to the barn, I checked his leg before doing anything else. The good news was that the swelling had gone down some. The bad news was that now there was heat.

Cue [small] meltdown.

Even though homeboy was still sound, after lots of calls to my handy vet-tech and actual vet friends (y’all are the best) I cancelled the lesson. I remained out there for much of the afternoon trying to get the swelling down- icing, wrapping with exercise, and icing again. The swelling went down remarkably and so I put some Surpass on it and again turned him out.

Icing technique- frozen peas and carrots wrapped with a polo.. who knew this would be so efficient?

Icing technique- frozen peas and carrots wrapped with a polo.. who knew this would be so efficient?

Thankfully the Surpass seems to have done its job, and yesterday the heat was gone and the swelling minimal. The beast and I actually got in a ride in the outdoor and somehow didn’t drown in the intense humidity. I’m hopeful that the remainder of the swelling will be gone over the course of today and tomorrow, and we can move ahead.

Saturday after icing, etc

Saturday after icing, etc

Almost back to normal

Almost back to normal

Tomorrow we are going to proceed with our regularly scheduled dressage lesson, and see about jumping later this week. Now the big question is- can we make up for lost time (3 weeks of lunging/lameness assessing/poofy leg drama/etc) enough to participate 100% in our big clinic in 2 weeks?


13 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

        • It’s approved for human use. FDA approved, and can be purchased with prescription from a doctor. (Goes by different name then, as always.)
          Of course, just because it’s an Equine product under Surpass – it’s grossly overpriced, haha.
          It’s indicated to use on areas covered with very little muscle/fat, such as joints and “bare” tendons. Works great on my Achilles, which is a murderous little pesky source of irritation.
          At first, there is only a slight cooling sensation, that’s it. Then, if it’s arthritic problem, it sort of soothes the pain.
          My mom uses it (or used it earlier) on her hands that would swell from arthritis.

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