Well, at least he’s sound

For now, that is.

To continue the cruel injustice (maybe being dramatic here) of this week’s equestrian activities, I didn’t get to ride last night.

If you don’t know how this week went, it started last Friday with the lameness exam ($$), getting hocks injected ($$$), feelings of guilt, time away from the pony while he healed, followed by flatwork Wednesday with intense pain shooting up and down my left leg. Then yesterday, when I sorely needed to ride, Foster decided it was a self-exercising kind of day. 15-20 minutes and 2 volunteers later, I brought him in to just get him under water in order to cool him down. Thanks to some unusually bad water pressure this process took much longer than expected, but I finally got his breathing back to normal.

The positives here?

Both Foster and I got our cardio workout in.

Having seen him go, my horse should not have any trouble making time in Training. Hell, if he could keep up that pace, he could go Prelim.

Large amounts of cursing can be cathartic.

He was actually clean.

His hocks had a wonderful range of motion.


Oh Foster, I love you, but you’d better be good tonight. Please?

7 thoughts on “Well, at least he’s sound

    • I did put that sucker on the longe once his breathing was under control- if only to establish that he was going to do something for work that day. He was all kinds of tense though, even after lots of walk/halt transitions.. Super annoying, but maybe it just wasn’t our day!

  1. Hugs! Not sure if this will help, but our 17 year old 1* warrior got his hocks done for the first time and became a holy terror to handle on the ground, he felt so good for the first time in a long time. He’d just run laps around his paddock in turnout where before he was a quiet grazer. It was like he became a 3 y/o in the span of a week. So it’s good and bad that’s he’s feeling good!

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Normally when he acts out it ends up being pain related, but I am highly inclined to think on this particular occasion it was sheer cheek!

      This because he whinnied to me, walked over, delicately took the treats from my hand, then realized I didn’t have the lead attached, walked away, and then bolted. Ugh, horses.

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