An update on the NQRness

Last Wednesday, after looking at my calendar and seeing that the NQRness/wonky shoulder stuff hadn’t really improved in a week and a half, I decided to get the vet out. So Friday afternoon I met the vet at the barn, prepared to show her my lame then not so lame horse on the lunge.


In an unrelated photo, I attempted to clean his halter. I bet it won’t look this way tomorrow.

Well, as soon as I put him on the lunge, he looked completely different than the previous 10 days. No head bobbing, no super short front left. Instead, we both saw a slightly off hind left. Every few strides he would get a hitch in that hip, but nothing mortifying and though the vet called him “serviceably sound“, we still proceeded with flexion tests.

To make a long story short, he had a weak positive reaction to both hocks. For my peace of mind, we put him on muscle relaxer over the weekend so that if he improved he would know it was a simple soreness thing, but really deep down I know there’s not much chance of avoiding more injections.

It's mutual, buddy.

It’s mutual, buddy.

Now that the weekend is over, and I have poured over the videos taken from each day in order to compare the progression, he still takes the occasional funky step. So, while I’m glad to have my horse feeling better regarding soreness and in general, he’s still in a place where he can be improved- hence another date with the vet this afternoon. I admit to being slightly disappointed at having to inject again so soon. Goodbye, money!

8 thoughts on “An update on the NQRness

  1. Maybe this just means his hocks have sped up their fusing and he’ll soon need fewer injections? Eh? Maybe? Pig’s fetlocks got a LOT worse right before they got better, so I am not completely talking out of pure hopefulness…

    • Ugh maybe? Before we were on a once per year schedule, and now we’re at 6 months. Considering that the injections done in January were worthless since the ulcer behavior started early Feb… my wallet is crying.

  2. My old man got injections every six months on the regular and it made a HUGE difference for him. I realize he was a lot older than Foster, but if it’s what the horse needs, eh, hopefully the wallet can handle it.

  3. The good thing is that every 6 months is normal so its not like he’s abnormal… Bit sucky on the wallet yes!! I agree, maybe the fusing will happen sooner then later!

    Seriously horses always try to make lyers out of us!

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