Scoping Plans Gone Awry

While I would love to be writing this post with champagne in hand, jubilantly exclaiming that the season of ulcers is over, apparently it wasn’t meant to happen today.

Instead, Foster stayed in all last night while his buddies went out, as part of the mandatory fasting that scoping requires. The constant nickering to me as I walked by his stall was killing me, but that’s just how it goes.

Then I got up quite early this morning, pulled up to the barn, and found out, Foster had mistakingly been given hay this morning. Boo- no vet visit for us today.

I’m not upset, as it’s an easy error to make, and the mistake was made early enough not to disrupt my work plans. It just means I’ll need to invest in some extra UlcerGard to get us through until our rescheduled visit. No big deal.

And so, the ulcer narrative continues…

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