If you haven’t picked up on it yet- I tend to be that person that has something stupid happen to her in public. I’m pretty sure there’s an award out there with my name on it for people who have ripped their pants in public the most amount of times. And on a horse? The opportunity for disaster is exponential.


Case in evidence? This, this, and this.

I like to try and take it all in stride, and maintaining a sense of humor in the wake of your latest embarrassment is something I get to practice a lot. Humility, y’all. If you don’t have it, your horse will be happy to teach it to you.


So this article written by Kristin Carpenter really spoke to me. Not only does she describe perfectly what it’s like to beΒ that person, but she also encapsulates all the things that I love most about eventing- the rush, the horses, and the comradery.


I may look like a dummy sometimes doing it, but this is eventing, and this is my sport.

10 thoughts on “This.

  1. yes – i love it!! i think that’s why i’m drawn to eventing too – esp as a not particularly competitive person. i like that idea of testing the ‘partnership’, and all else be damned

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