Today’s the Day

As if the universe was trying to make things easier for me, it just so happens that my mother and my husband share the same birthday. In fact, there are many shared birthdays between our families- his sister and my brother, his grandmother and my father… Anyways. Luckily I was already good at remembering birthdays, but I’ll take any universal help I can get.

Birthday kids

Birthday kids

But before I get to wine and dine my beloved tonight, and pester him about what he’ll be blogging about next, I have a rather important appointment this morning.

No grumpy Foster photos today sorry

No grumpy Foster photos today sorry

You guessed it- Mister Fosterpants is getting himself scoped.

I only wish I could have done it last week, or even the moment I decided to scratch from the show. But alas, spring shots dominated the vet’s schedule and so wait we did.

Happy times in Italy

Happy times in Italy

I am desperate to see ulcers today, because the alternative to me is going down a rabbit hole of what-if’s and why’s that I’d much rather avoid.

A day of change! Today’s the day!

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