Horse Show First Aid Kit

I’m going to admit something here- I have failed at this, completely. and utterly. failed.

As in besides the Blue Lotion that makes Foster all shiny and white for a show, my horse doctoring stuff stays at home. I realize that I compete in one of the more dangerous equestrian disciplines, and that being around horses, even showing in hand (hell even leaving a horse in a stall) can lead to disasters. Up until now I have relied on that there is always a vet on hand at a horse trial, and surely they have everything I might need.

Like I said- fail.

first aid

So, I’m determined to go through catalogs and start ear-marking the essential items that I should bring to shows in case of an emergency. Vet wrap, diaper, duct tape at the top of the list, and several other items I have in mind.

This Mini First Aid kit runs for $16 at SmartPak

This Mini First Aid kit runs for $16 at SmartPak

But I’d like to hear from you guys- what goes into your horse-show first aid kit? Knowing that of course you probably can’t bring everything with you to a competition, what are your priority items? How do you store them for a travel environment? Any recommendations on getting these items on a budget?

13 thoughts on “Horse Show First Aid Kit

  1. Oh man. My horse and I are both so accident prone, we go NOWHERE without a first aid kit. My husband even made me an “Austen Emergency Kit” last year for horse showing (seriously sweet gift idea here guys!).

    For the horse: Scarlex spray, wound powder, antibiotic ointment, betadine, alcohol wipes, bute, an oral syringe, a clean sponge, vet wrap, polo wraps (can be used next to a wound in an utter emergency, and easier to pack than cotton batting), standing wraps, a pocket knife complete with tweezers and scissors, plus full size scissors. This is my basic kit, and it can pretty much get me through anything.

    For me: Snacks (I get low blood sugar, lookout!), emergency water, electrolyte tablets (I also get heat exhaustion easily — this girl is bad at hot weather!), fabric band-aids, Shout stain wipes, wet wipes, sunscreen, bug spray, contact solution, toothbrush/paste, misc other little toiletry items, a big hunting-type knife (For trailer emergencies. I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Trust me.), air pressure gauge, tire changing materials, jack, basic set of tools, jumper cables, and a tow strap (always carry a tow strap. Again, if you read my trailer accident post, you’d already have one in your vehicle).

    I’m sure there’s more, but that’s what I can think of right now.

  2. Well mine lives in my trunk, so it’s only with me 50% of the time when I show. I have a mix of silver spray, vet wrap, gauze pads and various ointments and creams in there. Also Ace and Bute.

  3. One of my friends keeps her trailer first aid kid in a standard sized tool box with one of those lift-out inserts in the top. It’s got everything I could think of needing — humane twitch, thermometer, stethoscope, needles for administering banamine, bute, and then all the wound care stuff listed above. I don’t think I can emphasize the importance of the thermometer and banamine for overnight shows. If your horse colics at night at a 3-day, you need to get to him FAST, and just trailering him home might not be an option. This is the reason I’m having my vet friends teach me how to administer IV banamine (or ace or what have you) so I can doctor horses if I need to.

  4. Some time really unusual happens with us, who knows when it will happen. I’m using a sharp blade and it just look like a credit card. It’s cheap but really very sharp. I need this because often I go to a long drive, so I need this for my safety and it’s completely legal.

  5. I keep everything in little totes that fit neatly into my tack box from the locker so it makes transport easy. Vet wrap, gauze, betadine (which I’m phasing out to not restock and only keep nolvasan), bute, Epsom salts, vetrolin, aluspray, furazone, and a pill crusher. Hemorrhoid cream also goes for wound treatment, but generally not first aid (grows back hair so well, seriously). That’s the basics for me.

  6. yea my kit needs work for sure…. so far it’s pretty limited, with vet wrap, sterile pads, and antibiotic ointment being the biggies. i have duct tape and a knife sitting around waiting for me to remember to pack them… but should probably add a few other items too (and restock the vet wrap since i just used it to doctor my own self – oops!)

  7. This list is the Pony Club’s Equine First Aid Kit under the Required Equipment for rallies. I use it as a baseline for my first aid kit (which desperately needs to be re-organized!) I try to keep all the small liquid/goopy stuff together in a small rubber-made container and my wraps are in their own canvass bag anyways. The cloth like stuff/items you want to keep dry you could keep in a plastic bag and stick it in the container with the liquid stuff. That way if a small explosion of goo happens you’re stuff will stay dry and you can just wipe off the outside of the plastic ziplock bag 🙂 Someone mentioned one of those step stools that open up with storage- those are also super handy and great to have!

    I don’t have everything on this list with me all the time- but in general I’d keep something to clean up a small superficial cut and a way to create a pressure bandage if needed until the vet arrives.

    Petroleum Jelly
    ____ Digital Thermometer
    ____ Liniment or Body Wash (this usually stays in my grooming kit b/c I use it quite often!)
    ____ Isopropyl Alcohol
    ____ Antibacterial or Antimicrobial or Antiseptic Scrub (Bedadine/Novalsone- or however you spell it..)
    ____ Topical Antibacterial or Antimicrobial
    or Antibiotic Agent; exp ______ (I don’t usually have this but use another type of wound dressing that I like better)
    ____ 4” Sterile Wound Dressing (those square gauze things- very handy!)
    ____ 1 roll Gauze (2” min. width)
    ____ 2 Flexible Stretch Adhesive/Cohesive Bandages (Vet Wrap)
    ____ 1 Lb. Roll 12” Absorbent Cotton (I don’t really use this unless I’m making my own wrap- which I’ll use quilting cotton b/c it’s cheaper and thicker)
    ____ Bandage Scissors (capable of cutting bandage)
    ____ 1 Roll Adhesive Tape (1” minimum width)
    ____ 4 Leg Bandages with appropriate
    Padding for 4 Stable Wraps (these stay in a canvass bag so they’re more portable)

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