Photography Friday: The Early Days

Wednesday night Foster’s glands were fairly massive, and when he didn’t tuck into his mash with his usual gusto I immediately started blasting my friend N’s phone, who luckily is a vet and puts up with my incessant animal queries. We theorize it’s a slight allergic reaction to a weed or grass that has started growing, since she has seen other horses pop up with similar symptoms in the last week. A bit of bute for a couple days to help them go down and be less tender, and hopefully Foster will be chowing down with his usual relish once again.

photo 1 (28)

In other news, a sweet coworker gave me a surprise yesterday! It’s a cast metal figure hand painted to look like Foster! At only a couple inches tall, I thought he was quite brave for taking on the challenge of matching Foster’s markings!

cast metal Foster


Now, onto today’s photo collection. Because of my concentration in photography, I decided to do a photographic body of work for my Senior show. I was especially intrigued by the work of Edward Weston from the 1920’s, particularly regarding his work with still life and nudes as artistic forms. So I coaxed a couple people into modeling for me in the studio. In case men’s torsos and what not are not your thing (or if you feel it’s NSFW) I’ll start you off with a couple flower/outdoor shots I did the same year.

30730_789991882889_3012842_n copy

30730_789991877899_7334250_n copy

30730_789991887879_2460518_n copy

Back study



Happy Friday!

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