March Ultium Update

So, I kind of fell off the bandwagon for my February updates, and now we’re on month 3 of the new Ultium based diet.

Ignoring that Foster came out looking like a pig yesterday, here are his glamour shots for the month:



Granted, my picture taking skills last night were abysmal, and I Foster didn’t have much patient for getting perfectly square. His hips are slightly tilted in the hind end photo, and his hips are slightly away from me in the profile picture.

Winter is never kind to Foster, and I have been supplementing with an alfalfa mash to get some extra nutrients into his system. Still, with the Ultium and the extra mash, I don’t see a discernible different over the last couple months. Perhaps it would be different if our riding had been more regular over the last month, but it’s hard to say.

The biggest difference in Foster that I have seen of late has been in his attitude. He’s been overall quite grumpy, not wanting to go forward, and generally not as happy to see me as I’m used to. So far I have been putting this down to everyone’s bad opinion of the horses being stuck inside for 2 weeks straight, or being part of the PSSM theory that lack of work affects Foster a lot worse than most horses.

Of course, I am not ruling out ulcers, and will be thinking about scoping him if a week’s worth of routine work has not improved his outlook. Anything to get my happy pony back!

7 thoughts on “March Ultium Update

  1. He looks a little better, but it’s not a huge difference in three months. Simon has been a bit grumpy too and nothing has really changed… maybe it is just the weather?

  2. Hmmmm interesting. I don’t see a ton of difference either, but like you said, maybe you’d get a bigger change in the more riding-friendly months that are hopefully on their way!

  3. Hmm of course this is just based on pics but to me his back looks weaker and his weight less in the March photo than December. Of course could be that he wasn’t as clean or a whole lot of factors, but ultium is a pretty good feed so I’m surprised to see that. Of course it could just be winter. When wiz starts to lose weight this winter I added this fat supplement and I can’t remember the name of it but it has worked really well. I can look it up if you want. I hope you figure it out!

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