Something Unexpected

Today’s post marks the 250th post here at the House on a Hill. So far we’ve discussed everything from happy weddings to helpful tips, and of course houses and horses. Since I started documenting Foster’s journey, he’s gone from Beginner Novice hopeful to making his first attempt at Training, and from an inconsistent connection to schooling second level dressage. This blog has been such a fun exercise for me, and I hope you all enjoy following along on the ridiculousness that is life here at the House on a Hill. To commemorate the occasion- surprise! A slightly new look for the blog. I hope you guys like it 🙂

photo 3 (1)

On a different note, North Carolinians everywhere woke up to see the fluffy white stuff coming down from the sky in torrents. Considering the supposed chance of precipitation for today was 0%, this was a surprise indeed. Since I hadn’t planned on working from home I attempted to drive in, and now speak to you in front of my fireplace, having given up on driving in. The salt trucks here were also caught off guard, and so snow and ice is packing quickly in the rush hour traffic. Even 4 wheel drive couldn’t get me down the hill without a little trouble, and things are currently getting worse.

I only skidded off the driveway a little...

I only skidded off the driveway a little…

So, at least I got to get out to the barn last night, because it’s definitely not going to happen tonight. Or even tomorrow. I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping warm! Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Something Unexpected

    • I’m convinced ice is the worst- and then I see all these itty bitty cars whizzing around like it’s no big deal! Wondering if I need new tires- either way, my car won’t be going back up the driveway until it all melts!

  1. Like the new look! Enjoy staying warm and toasty at home. I’m a little jealous. It was -12 this morning and I lost feeling in my fingers driving to work, even with the heat on! Brrrrr!

  2. I have been reading your blog for a few months & I just wanted to say hi! I live in Winston-Salem and also woke up to a white surprise this morning! Love the new blog header!

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