Dreaming of jumping

2 weeks isn’t the longest amount of time we’ve gone without jumping by any stretch of the imagination, but still, with the impending show season looming in front of us, it seems like we will never have a chance to prepare.


Yesterday we got 2 inches of snow (I’m sure those up north are snickering right now) and expecting (supposedly) another 8-12 inches in the next couple days.


It’s enough that our outdoor arena, which was already under water from the melted ice, will be unusable for some time.



Some time as in, until spring.

onestridePlease, spring, hurry. We need you.


10 thoughts on “Dreaming of jumping

  1. Counting down the days… We’re lucky enough to have a sizable indoor with jumps, but the footing is super cold and packed so we’re stuck with baby crossrails. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to spring quite this much!

    • Our covered arena is just too small to really jump in and we’re having footing issues.. I can’t imagine having a frozen indoor- it must be pretty damn cold there!

  2. i havent jumped in a while either- hoping the weather improves soon bc FENCE has a XC schooling day on the 8th and I NEED too take Chimi so he can hopefully jump all the BN jumps before the HT in April 😀

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