The Poo Post

That’s right- I want to talk about poo.

Before you see visions of Southpark characters and goodness knows what else, settle down. What I’m interested in is stable habits.

As I’ve mentioned time and time again, Foster is a pig. This is of course all the more tragic considering that he is half white, but hey, I’ve complained about that before (and definitely probably will again in the future). Unfortunately, Foster’s piggy habits do not stop at the mud pit. He’s also quite a messy stablemate.

The elusive rainbow pooping horse

The elusive rainbow pooping horse

This horse has the amazing habit of pooing right in the center of his stall, then trampling it to bits before making dead sure there’s not a single square foot of clean shavings left. This is no doubt the first step of many, which culminates in his laying down for the night in his poo-ridden bedding.

Awkward post demands awkward gifs

Awkward post demands awkward gifs

Horses of the past were much tidier. Ivan went stir crazy if in a stall at all, so I can’t speak for him. Merry was definitely a princess in her stall, and tidily used a corner to do her business. Mac the Haflinger stallion also used the corner approach.

At least there's a pony in this one

At least there’s a pony in this one

After reading this article (chalk this one up to another bizarre thing pet owners do/read/google), some light was shed on these differences. It turns out there are behavioral patterns to this madness, in that stallions use ‘stud piles’ as ways of marking territory. While I don’t know how this translates to mares, it’s interesting to think there is a reason for the stall habits. So either my horse is completely neutral to mares (which he seems to be, not giving a damn about sharing fences lines/stall windows with mares), or he’s given up on life and is determined to become a slob.

What do you think? Is your horse a slob, or a tidy stablemate? Is there a method to your horse’s madness? 


19 thoughts on “The Poo Post

  1. Dijon is very tidy. His stall is so easy to clean. The two mares just trample everything into a giant mess. I actually was bound and determined never to buy a mare again because of the messy stall issues. I had vague delusions that maybe a mule mare would be more like a gelding, but those hope were quickly destroyed. I wish there was some way to train them.

  2. My boy has a stall, but it doubles as a run in shed. The only time he’s ever pooped in it was when the weather was horrible (extreme cold, snow, wind, ice, etc). The most recent time, he actually pooped as close as he could to the outside while still being inside. Otherwise, I’ve noticed that he prefers to poop along the perimeter of his paddock and likes the corners the best. Even when he is grazing, he’ll wait to be put back into his paddock before he poops.

  3. haha nice topic! as someone who cleans a lot of stalls, i often wonder about the differences in horses who are very tidy and very – uh – NOT tidy… my mare is a princess and you can absolutely tell by looking at her stall… but there’s another mare right down the hall that only needs to be stalled for an hour or so for the stall to be 100% trashed…

    also – LOVE that gif of the creepy jumping girl… i had it saved in my drafts for some ‘appropriate’ post – but i think it’s PERFECT for the poo post haha

    • Foster doesn’t take long to demolish his stall either- I admit I feel bad for the guys who clean his stall!

      The jumping girl gif made me crack up and want to look away at the same time.. haha felt appropriate for this post!

  4. Poor Foster and his tattletale white bits! 🙂

    Guinness is a total slob his first couple of days back in a stall (he’s typically on 24/7 turnout). Eventually he does settle on a system where he poops along the back wall of the stall. It’s convenient. He hates mess, so he rarely stomps everything to death. At least, once he’s resigned himself to confinement again!

    Funny thing, though. He prefers to pee in a stall, and will hold it until he is brought in for evening grain. Then he carefully positions himself over the deepest shavings in the stall and lets go. What can I say? The horse hates splashing himself!! 🙂

  5. Great question! So first of all, my last gelding was potty trained. Unless the weather was bad, I taught him to poop outside his stall (he had 24/7 access to a paddock like estella does) and it was AWWWWWESOME. Estella will sometimes go outside just to poop, but it’s random and I no longer have the time to train her to poop outside. BUT, what is interesting is that her stallion donkey friends pees and poops on top of hers lol.

      • It was the way it all worked out. When i koved him to the new barn with the paddock i was managing it and was there seriously 24/7. Basically whenever i new he was going to go (right after working and such) i would take him outside. He was very food motivated so after a few times of cookies for doing that he picked right up on it!

  6. Henry just poops wherever… But pee, he pretty much always peed outside when he was in the msre motel, he had a spot. Now that he’s in the barn he goes in the shavings.

  7. I heard that if you put mare poop in a corner of a gelding’s stall the gelding will poop on top of it and after a while will continue to poop in the corner out of habit. I guess this theory comes from the stallion piles the article mentioned??? Never tried it but heck it if works then yay and if not what’s 1 more pile of poo in a messy stall?

    My guys are neat-ish. Nothing spectacular but they don’t grind their poo and make a total mess. Though Marley poops and pees a lot and her stall can be one of the worst to clean- but not the worst I’ve ever cleaned!!! There was one TB gelding that you pretty much had to strip his stall every night he stayed in- it was disgusting!!!!

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