Things to Celebrate

A few things to celebrate this week! The first is Foster’s new bonnet he’ll be getting thanks to Amanda from the $900 Facebook Pony, who chose our logo as a runner up in her logo contest!

Runner up logo design

Runner up logo design

Secondly, the USEF reversed the helmet cam ban! Although event organizers can still prohibit the cameras, I’m hopeful that the majority will allow us to record our rides for learning and sharing with others.

And lastly.. Jurassic Park IV. It comes out on. my. birthday. I got velociraptor induced hysterics when I saw the trailer. So scared, and SO excited.

Also on the good news front, Foster was a stellar boy last night. I finally set up some canter poles in an attempt to get us started with cavaletti, and he was golden through them, even though they were a bit further apart than the 9′ I meant to make them, and he had to reach a bit in the canter. Continuing work on the walk-canter transitions as well, which we’re getting about 50% of the time. After watching back the videos (thanks Ali) I need to keep working on my elbows- it’s definitely the thing that goes to hell in a handbasket whenever things get hard. It’s always something though!

blurry, but the canter is definitely improving!

blurry, but the canter is definitely improving!

It’s about to get frigid cold here tomorrow, so I am desperately hoping to get a mini jump school in tonight before everything freezes over. We shall see!

13 thoughts on “Things to Celebrate

  1. Helmet cams actually kinda scare me — they are super fun but what if you fall ON the camera first? Gah just too imaginative with destructive scenarios in my mind. I love all your riding gifs, how do you get so many videos?

    • In the grand scheme of cross country, the helmet cam is the least of my concerns, just speaking for myself!

      I am super lucky to have a friend who was able to video the entire 45 minute long lesson- which was insanely helpful to me, and also allows me to share all these super fun gif’s! 😀

    • Oh my gosh, I know right!? My favorite pandora station plays the soundtracks from Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and Pride & Prejudice.. It’s a geek’s paradise I guess!

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