So Sorry…

I really haven’t forgotten the blog, I swear. I have, however, been busy enough at work that I haven’t been able to squeeze a post in. And oh, yeah, nothing has really happened that would really interest anybody anyhow.

At least ponykins is no longer lame! Unfortunately, the craptastic weather we have been having means I couldn’t ride this week, and am hopeful I can sit on him tomorrow. *Hopeful*.

My thoughts on mud.

My thoughts on mud.

This weekend should be a little more interesting, as I’m going to the rodeo with the barn girls, and then tomorrow we will be celebrating a friend’s birthday with a fun dinner. Also, if my horse’s mane is not pulled by Monday, someone throttle me. I’m getting embarrassed.


Anyways, sorry for the short post! Y’all enjoy your MLK weekend!

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