So much for that!


Foster and his most favorite friend, Baron, playing over the fence

If I could virtually stamp my foot, I would. Last week I had one ride on a sound but increasingly unfit horse, and then pouted about the weather for the next several days. Then yesterday, as I’m making plans for the next 5 gloriously sunny days, I trot off, and something’s wrong. Headbobbing, ugly, three legged wrong.

My well founded guess is that it’s another abcess, but in the other front foot. All the same symptoms- lots of wet conditions and no heat, no swelling, but head bobbing specifically on the front right- therefore I’m going to treat it as such (unfortunately the farrier is out of town). So we will be more than likely, missing our first jumper show that is next weekend, and cutting it closer than I would like in preparing for our first horse trial. In the mean time, the silver lining is that at least it will be sunny, and therefore dry up all the crud that keeps making my poor pony lame.


More soaking…

Other than that, I’m off today on an adventure to take my trailer in for a well needed service!

Please send more sound thoughts to Foster, and maybe generous thoughts to the trailer guys so I have enough money to compete in the spring after they’re done!

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