2013 Accomplishments Part III: The Rest

2013 has potentially been the most eventful year in recent history!

For one, I got married…

[ Robyn Van Dyke Photography ]

[ Robyn Van Dyke Photography ]

[ Robyn Van Dyke Photography ]

[ Robyn Van Dyke Photography ]


And we bought a house…

Move in day

Move in day

Then started my own brand as a designer

New Brand = New business cards!

New Brand = New business cards!

Besides all that, here are a few other personal accomplishments for this year:

  • Met 20 lb weight loss goal for wedding*
  • Asked to be bridesmaid for 2 amazing friends
Bride-to-be #1

One of the brides-to-be

Engagement shoots are fun!

Engagement shoots are fun!

  • Started a blog about a House on a Hill 😀

And lastly… I can announce now that I will be accepting a position as Web Designer at a new company in the new year! Woot woot!

*Disclaimer: I have not kept off the whole 20+ lbs, because that weight for me requires insane working out/strict diet, but it was my goal for the wedding and I am proud of it nonetheless!

10 thoughts on “2013 Accomplishments Part III: The Rest

  1. Wow you definitely have a very blessed life!! I hope to have the same kind of life next year! Get married, (eh, if we can plan it in 9 months), graduate law school, start my new job at an awesome firm, move out on my own in a real apartment for the very first time (I’ve only lived in dorms, but I’m back home for law school- I’m a loser! But really my rent just goes to my horse haha). Reading this post made me feel all fuzzy about the future ha. I love your design work by the way! And your wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous.

    • Thank you! I definitely feel blessed, this mini series of posts have been helpful in focusing on the positives of a crazy year! 😀

      It sounds like you have so much to look forward to next year! And since Tyler and I met when he was in his second semester of law school, I totally understand how hard it is to get through- good for you for keeping so active with eventing at the same time!

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