2013 Accomplishments Part II: The House

This is a big one all in itself, considering we didn’t even own a house until February. After our harrowing purchasing experience though, here’s what we have done so far (sorry for the picture heavy post!):

  • New carpet throughout
  • New paint (inside and outside)
Living room transformation

Living room transformation with equestrian theme

  • Pressure washed stairs
  • Landscaped Front Entry
  • New door hardware & accessories
Guest bathroom makeover

Guest bathroom makeover

  • Tiled master bathroom floor
  • Removed wallpaper: kitchen, master bath
No more wallpaper!

No more wallpaper!

  • New cabinet pulls in kitchen
  • New fans and light fixtures throughout
Dining Room with paint and chandelier

Dining Room with paint and chandelier

  • Finished Carolina and State rooms
  • Fix fireplace
  • And oh yeah, start a blog about our house on the hill ๐Ÿ™‚
The Carolina Room

The Carolina Room

Woowhee! Next year I hope we get through some of this list, that we didn’t get to this year…

  • Remove jungle Thin trees in back yard
  • Landscape front yard
  • Paint cabinets in kitchen
  • Granite countertops in kitchen
  • Tile floors in kitchen
  • Hell, remodel the entire kitchen
  • Replace grody couch in living room
  • In general drive my husband crazy with new decorating ideas

7 thoughts on “2013 Accomplishments Part II: The House

    • Thanks! It’s given me a fun way to use things I don’t want to get rid of- for instance, the bridle on the wall is my mum’s from the 70’s, and you can’t really see it, but that’s my first saddle sitting against the lamp base in the corner. Makes me happy to see them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s hard to do everything at once, but I had been saving the equestrian pieces (not hard to do as a rider ๐Ÿ˜€ ) so most of the interior stuff came down to paint! I definitely understand though, as much as I want to do a lot next year, it will all depend on time and $$$!

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