Last night I had the most amazing jump school. I took advantage of having the light still and decided to hop over the 3′-3’3″ fences as originally planned for tonight. For not having jumped anything bigger than 2’9″ in a while, I thought Foster was an absolute champ, and felt forward, straight(ish), and jumping in good form.

Well, I don’t know what happened over night, but when I got out to the barn this morning to school our test, I felt like I had gone from this:

giphy (1)

to this:

Horse Fail GIF


I was sliding all over the place, my fingers were numb, I couldn’t feel my legs- in short, I was spaghetti all over my horse. Poor Foster put up with my ridiculous monkey business for some time, before I realized that I hardly had the coordination to sit, much less do work. Nonetheless we somehow managed to finish with 10 minutes of respectable trot work, but the goal of riding through my test eluded me.

One of the reasons I know I felt like this was just from being a weenie in the cold. I am aware that I have relatively poor circulation in my hands and my pinkies go numb quite quickly in frigid temps, and while this morning did not necessarily fit that bill, it was much colder than what I have been used to. Not a great excuse, but still.

I suspect my breeches were also partly to blame, as they are ones that I haven’t used all year and felt I didn’t have the grip I needed in them. Sunday I will be riding in my new Kerrits Full Seats, which the reviews claim to be sticky sticky sticky. So hopefully that won’t be an issue at the show! Maybe I should practice in them tomorrow… hmm..

Oooh, pretty!

Oooh, pretty!

Lastly, I know there are simply days in which I am better coordinated, and vice versa. Do any of you have days like that? I would love to know if I am not the only one!

For now though I will put it from my mind- we were given last minute tickets to go see Michael Buble in concert and I am so excited! So I will leave you with my favorite Buble (and Drifters) song 🙂

8 thoughts on “Inconsistency

  1. I think for many reasons- we’re tired, we’re stressed, we don’t have the proper nutrition, and our sensitive bodies just aren’t firing correctly. And the cold- it gets me too! I hate the cold… hate! Although I love those kerrits pants! (Although they are on the thinner side…) Hopefully you’ll be right and ready for the show though 🙂

    • Yes, I noticed when I first put them on that they are very see-through! I’m sure the judge would not want to see my striped knickers as part of my turnout. Haha! Thank goodness for coats!

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  3. I have days where I flop around like a derranged gelatinous gloop in the saddle. Days where my hands seem to flail uncontrollably in the air and where I can’t keep my butt in the saddle for love nor money. I feel your pain!

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