More Rain (AKA tour our arena)


So, this weekend we tried for a lesson, and then a makeup lesson, both of which were cancelled thanks to rain. And as I look out the window at the gloomy rain clouds, I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s jump lesson will be cancelled as well. 4 attempts at lessons cancelled in one week. Bummer.

So instead, I would like to show you the fences that have been recently painted by the ladies I board with. We happen to have a wonderful leader in Ali, who took it upon herself to build the chevron, the brand new brick wall, and organize painting days to make the jumps all scary as crap bright and shiny!

The brand new brick wall!

The brand new brick wall!

I applaud the first person to go over this fence- the brick wall itself is 2’6″ and with rails it’s a cool 3’3″.

Probably my favorite, the stone wall

Probably my favorite, the stone wall

A classic big brown oxer

A classic big brown oxer

Swedish Oxer with 'Liverpool'

Swedish Oxer with ‘Liverpool’


The first chevon, part of the two/three stride line

The above single chevron has been really great practice for a similar (albeit much less colorful version) at MacNair’s that seems to cause most horses problems. After riding this though, it was a piece of cake!

The scary chevron oxer

The scary chevron oxer

The golden gates gymnastics

The golden gates gymnastics

The idea with these jumps is that we can practice pretty much everything we might see at a show- and most of these jumps are way scarier! But because all of this is now second nature to our horses they (and we) have so much confidence entering the jump ring! Now we’ve just got to build up the courage to attack the new brick wall… Fingers crossed!

9 thoughts on “More Rain (AKA tour our arena)

  1. Oh wow your jumps are gorgeous!! And I hear you about the rain… IT RAINS EVERY DAY! That’s one thing I’m not looking forward to in moving to a new barn… no indoor. I’m considering purchasing a good rain jacket and rain sheet for the pony, because there’s no way I can only ride once a week! He’ll get crazy 🙂

      • we have an indoor but honestly it’s not that nice- it’s super skinny and long, and the footing is terrible. So at my new barn, the footing will be MUCH nicer and the arena much bigger- but sans a roof 😦 It’s always a trade off eh? Unless you have the $$$$! 🙂

  2. My trainer has really “scary” jumps too so that when we show, nothing will phase the horses 🙂 Your jumps look beautiful! Hope you can get a lesson in soon!

  3. I love the jumps! Weather doesn’t usually interfere with our riding because luckily all the barns around here have indoors to get through the snowy winters!

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