Wine Snob Wednesday: The Ocala Edition

As if we didn’t do enough drinking in Wellington, we kept the party going once we got back to Ocala. Amongst the stunning oaks and the lacquered walls of a truly beautiful barn, we tried out three more Equine-themed wines.

Please enjoy a particularly antic-filled edition of WSW, and in particular be sure to watch an eventer’s attempt to open a wine bottle sans wine key at the 4:22 mark.

Wine Snob Wednesday: Wellington Edition

Drinking wine in Wellington? No big deal. Commonplace, even.

Videoing yourself drinking wine in Wellington? Or anywhere else, for that matter? Weird. Lucky for me my tribe is totally down for anything, especially when fermented grapes are involved.

So excuse the interruptions, the background noise, and the wind (who knew how windy it could get down there?!), and enjoy this week’s rendition of Wine Snob Wednesday.


PS- That 14 Hands White Blend… delish.