There goes my money

If you didn’t catch it in yesterday’s post, I have been considering a clinic as part of our summer of training. And not just a little clinic- a 3 day clinic, dressage, showjumping, and cross country, with the head of the Canadian Olympic Eventing Team- Clayton Fredericks.

This being officially the biggest (read: most expensive) thing I have done with Foster since our recognized show last year. No big deal. (Read: It’s a big freaking deal!)

So of course I went youtube stalking on his previous clinics to see what to expect. What was immediately obvious is that the man loves him some canter poles. You know who doesn’t like canter poles? Foster. So, that’s one item we will be working on between now and the end of July. We started out with 5 on the ground (which I thought was soft versus Clayton’s 8), and took a few attempts to get through without leaping and flailing.

I also set up the ‘box’ angled fences as seen in his clinic report on Eventing Nation.

Credit: Eventing Nation

Credit: Eventing Nation

In reality, I probably set the placement poles a little close to the 2′ vertical, but Foster went through in both directions without fuss.

Since the theme of the day was apparently footwork and technicality, I also took him through the thread-the-needle exercise as seen on Evention:

Although instead of 4 verticals set one stride apart, I used 3 set 2 strides apart. Obviously this was too easy for Foster, and he went through it with nary a waver. Next time they’ll be one strides, buddy.

Take-away from our little jump school? Skinnies- no problem. Angled fences- no problem. But canter poles? Well, we’ve got work to do.

No problem- almost 2 months to prepare!