Wedding weekend, grumpy quads, and a clip job

You know you’ve had a good weekend when your legs are so sore from dancing that you struggle with stairs, and sitting down is actually more like falling into a chair, because your quads just can’t handle those last couple inches before your butt hits the seat.

Selfie with the bride!

Selfie with the bride!

This past weekend marked the last wedding of the year, and it went off with a bang. I had a simply marvelous time seeing old friends, testing my public speech abilities (not so hot- I shake like a leaf!), and putting some serious moves down on the dance floor. Also one odd moment when the entire dance floor decided to fill my updo with glow sticks… Can’t wait to see that picture! The bride is a current best friend and former dressage teammate of mine, so it was fitting that the venue take place in a converted barn, and we seriously raised the roof on that joint!

The bride and I geeking out at her HP-themed engagement party!

The bride and I geeking out at her HP-themed engagement party!

Back at home, I decided I was not so sore I couldn’t give Foster a clip, which he definitely needs with temperatures predicted to reach the 80s this week. It’s not my most meticulous job ever, but I thought it was pretty good for getting it done in just under an hour!

Will take better photo of the clipped pony later

Will take better photo of the clipped pony later

Our work with the draw reins seems to be paying off, and his canter transitions are slowly improving. We’ll continue to visit dressage town this week, and maybe get a jump school in before daylight savings hits this weekend! Can I just say, I hate daylight savings- getting to the barn in the dark is just sad.

Hope y’all had great weekends as well!! Happy Monday!

Lazy is as lazy does

Which is to say, not much. After the show, Foster got a whopping 5 days off as a mini vacation for both of us. We returned to work this past Friday, and man oh man, is the pony ever lazy. 4 rides later, and he is still not going anywhere fast.

photo (6)

Two possible theories on why he developed a case of the slows:

1) The weather has been changing from the 80s to the 60s and pony doesn’t like it
2) Pony decided to start a winter coat during his vacation and is hot (but why isn’t he sweating more?)

In any case, I’m hoping Foster gets back to his less-than-lazy self, and give me and my poor calves a break. I do not enjoy pony-club-kicking, and I’m too old for that.

To help things along, I’ll be giving him a Bib clip sometime in the next week. Our next show is two weeks away, and if the past is any indicator, then that weekend it will decide to be 10 degrees warmer than usual, and I want to be prepared. Then depending on what the weather looks like in November, pony will probably get a body clip and I’ll decide whether or not to shave his legs off at that time.

Foster's first clip

Foster’s first clip

Bring on the clippers!