Show Recap: June War Horse Jumping and an SOS

Thank goodness, showjumping the day of the show went way better than our practice the day before- in which he warmed up like a dream, but went in completely scatter brained and we even had a drive-by at fence 6.

But in the lesson I had yesterday, we worked on some of the things that show up in this course. Like my not traveling through the turn, and getting a weak canter that ends in a weak spot at the base of the fence, which is how my rail in the video above happened. I really have to work to keep him both packaged and forward, and when both of those elements aren’t present the rails start to tumble.

Back to the show- SJ was better and overall I am actually really happy that I was able to mostly maintain the shape that H wants me to have between the fences- no running around like an over excited llama for us! My upper body is looking better, but I need to keep backing it up with my leg, which somehow is still a struggle for me. So a couple wins, and as always, plenty to work on.

XC was an absolute blast- right out of the gate Jack was feeling ‘on’ and I let him go after just the second fence, and he was jumping everything out of stride and eating up the course. So much so that I realized about 3/4 of the way through that I was way ahead of my watch.

The part of me that knew we weren’t going to win with that rail (I hadn’t seen my dressage score yet- thank goodness) and the other part of me that was having too much fun both said (mostly) fuck it however- and gallop on we did, with just a little extra packaging towards the end to try to save the damage. Still, we came in with several speed faults, but you couldn’t have wiped the grin off my face if you’d tried.

So, the other part of this post is to determine if I have any readers still out there. I won’t lie, it’s been hard to keep up with the blog while my role at work grew (taking away major braining capacity) and my photography hustle grew (taking away my time), and you know, riding the horse that this blog is mostly about. I’m torn- I’ve had this blog (including House on a Hill before it) for so many years, being a part of the blogger community feels like my identity, and I’m loathe to give up the connections and relationships there. But I also feel strange wondering if I’m simply singing in an empty room, in which case, I could technically move my personal notes to Evernote or some other documenting app. It’s the comments and the conversation that have kept me hanging on. What say you?

33 thoughts on “Show Recap: June War Horse Jumping and an SOS

  1. I love the blog 🙂 but, I totally understand as well. What about doing longer insta posts with recaps and updates?

  2. My gelding finally told me in no uncertain terms that eventing wasn’t his thing, so I love being able to read about your journey and hearing updates! This is my favorite blog to read, so even if the updates are infrequent due to #life, I totally get it and would love to continue to follow you!

  3. My gelding told me in no uncertain terms a while ago that eventing wasn’t his thing (mostly the XC phase), so I love being able to follow your journey, read your updates, and remember the fun parts of eventing. This is my favorite blog to read, so even if the posts are infrequent due to #life, I totally get it and would love to continue to follow your journey!

  4. I’m still here! I completely agree with Roamingriderssite, do what you need to…because the faithful readers will continue to check in, whether you update or not, and will be excited when you do!

  5. I’m still a reader! I don’t ever comment as I’m reading through Feedly and it doesn’t play nice with comments usually. But I enjoy hearing about Jack’s adventures and look forward to all your posts!

  6. Well I am still here! And I am enjoying your journey with Jack. Personally, I would love to hear more about what you are working with between shows to improve your show jumping because that is my hardest phase as well.

    However, you don’t owe us anything! No matter what, we will all still be here to cheer you on. 🙂

  7. I still read! I read through Feedly RSS reader so my views may not always show up and I’m bad about commenting, but I love following along. Don’t pressure yourself to get things done, but know we are here and love hearing about your adventures!

  8. I’m here! But as an old blogger who stopped blogging and is now trying to restart and keep motivated at it, I get where you are coming from…

    I enjoy hearing about you and Jack and your xc adventures!

  9. I read! I just tend not to comment, because, well, I’m back about commenting! But, as a slacking blogger who writes to no one, my advice? Keep blogging! If people read, great! Those of us who read appreciate it.

  10. I still check in 😉 glad you’re having fun with the banana pony. Mostly tho I engage in the comments with readers who engage with me, since as you say it can be hard to find the time!

  11. As one of your non-horse-people friends, I still enjoy following your adventures. But the posts could be much less technical. You’re way beyond what I can understand now!

  12. I’m the same as a lot of people above and read on Feedly so don’t comment often. Still here reading away! I don’t blog often myself but I enjoy doing it when I can and I find that I have a core crew of “friends” who are still following along. 🙂

  13. I love reading and commenting as much as I enjoy getting comments. I think the blogs I comment on most are with people who I engage with the most. It’s easier to keep up with other’s blogs, and comment on them, when I know they’re enjoying my blog as well.

  14. I love reading about your adventures, even though I admit I sometimes don’t comment on many blogs because I only have time to read (and don’t want to leave a comment that isn’t thoughtful). I also have been neglecting my own blog lately, so I totally understand how hard it is to find time to write.

  15. I read every one of your posts. Which I don’t know if you’d find slightly stalker… Knowing that you’ve met me in real life when I bought a model horse from you! Lol. I live vicariously through the bloggers I follow.

  16. I’m still reading!! Love following along and hearing updates about you and Jack. Keep it up even if it’s a random blog post here or there!

  17. I read religiously! I’m usually a bit behind reading (and blogging, hah) and for some reason WordPress comments don’t work well on my phone so sometimes I don’t comment. But I definitely still greatly enjoy your blog!!

  18. I know you’ve posted since then, but I’m just now circling back to commenting on this one. We all suck at commenting lately, I’m trying to be better about it myself. It’s so easy to be a passive member of the community, and that’s fine, and it’s NOT all about comments, but it makes it a lot more vibrant to be interacting with each other rather than shouting into the Internet. I love reading your posts and always get excited when I see a new one!

    • For sure, and thank you. It’s truly not just about the comments, but it was the ongoing conversation with blogging friends that kept me engaged. I’m catching up on your latest adventures with Connor- starting with his grazing muzzle woes XD

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