Out with the Old, in with the New (Chariot)

I’ve had my ‘Box on wheels’ stock trailer since 2007, when it was a very generous Christmas/Birthday (those things are not close together btw) gift  from  my parents.  It is a custom built Colt, extra tall at just over 7’6″, and just a basic 2H straight load.
I’ve done my best to take care of her over the years, getting it serviced, even getting her repainted several years back to provide some longevity for her various surfaces.

But, despite the Colt being massively handy and a worthy road companion, she does have some definite drawbacks. Namely, not having a dressing room has been a real bitch. Add in that for the majority of the time I’ve had it I’ve been pulling with an SUV (yes, I know, let’s not get into it over the SUV vs truck debate. Trucks win. Done.) which limits the space for tack even further because there’s seats. That’s OK when you’re going to a dressage show, but going to an event when there’s tack sometimes in triplicate, this set up becomes a nightmare.

Bungee cord hell- sorry Jack!

I also have an unhealthy fear of being rear-ended by one of idiots that rides my ass any given time I haul somewhere. Though being steel, the doors aren’t so thick that an SUV wouldn’t end up taking out my horse’s hocks as well. So having a ramp (with the assumption that ramps tend to be thicker, well constructed, and have their own underlying structure to support them) eases my mind about the potential harm that could come to my horse by ignorant-sons-of-bitches that we share the road with.
So eventually the time came when I could finally afford a new ride for Jack, I spent no time in rattling through every trailer sales website within range.

When I saw that a local trailer dealer, with a good reputation, had the brand of trailer I most liked, I reached out. She said she would cut me a deal if I wanted the trailer in as-is/pre-detailed condition, and after seeing it in person 2 days later, we made a deal and I hitched the new trailer up and took her home.
While she’s an older filly, she hides her almost 2 decades well having been kept under a cover for several years. All the structures are there and in good shape, including even the hay bag mangers that Jack seems to like when we borrow our friend’s twin trailer.

And she’s got a ramp! A sturdy, but not too heavy ramp that keeps Jack safe(r) as he enters the trailer and during the ride.

My plan is to order some of the Hawk paint that they offer to match the interior, and touch up one small rough spot on the exterior.

I can’t wait to take Jack on his maiden adventure in his new golden chariot! And, I’m thrilled to say that the Colt is sold and going to her new home on Sunday!

17 thoughts on “Out with the Old, in with the New (Chariot)

  1. Showing my horse trailer ignorance here, but did you forget to take a photo of the little room up front? And that big swinging divider, do you re-position that when two horses are on board? Looks like a nice upgrade!

    • Ha, you’re good! I didn’t include a photo of the tack room- here it is!

      And yes, the divider swings- when you have the bars at the back up (as you would when there are horses in it) it is perfectly straight. I hope Jack likes it, but I think he will 🙂

      • Ahh, OK. So it’s door is on the far side of the trailer from your photo. I get it. Looks like a totally useful little space.

  2. oooooh it’s lovely!! congrats on the upgrade! i loved my last little stock trailer, it was perfect for being exactly what i needed at the time. but the upgrade is definitely niiice haha – hope you and Jack have many happy travels!

    • Thank you!! I’ve been oh-so-jealous of all the folks with tack rooms that pull up to shows, while I try not to ping myself in the face with one of my bungee cords. Haha now I can’t wait to see how nice it is to have a dressing room for myself!

  3. nice trailer good job and I love that you got a deal on an older trailer (that has been taken care of) I could NOT find one like that when I was looking (hence buying a new Kingston which I love but would have loved to gotten someone else’s hand me down). 🙂 Enjoy!!

  4. So exciting! I was tickled to find a two horse slant so that if I got rear ended at least only one horses hind legs would be near the back of the trailer…I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks like that.

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