Britt 2.0

There’s been some small updates in my own life, as you may know if you follow along on my instagram account. The most life-changing being my Lasik surgery that I had done 2 weeks ago, taking me from a -7 prescription (roughly 20/400) to no prescription at all and 20/20. My eyes still feel a little strained, and they tell me they’ll be fully healed in 3 months, but it’s exciting to be able to wake up and see first thing in the morning!

Rockin that hair net look like..

I’ve also started playing around with some new funky hair color thanks to the recommendation of a horsey friend (thanks C!) called Overtone. Since Jack has basically been eating (literally) all my money these days, I haven’t found time or cash to go get my hair done at an actual salon. So to change things up I’ve started playing around with their Rose Gold for Brown Hair line. And I’m eyeballing the Extreme Deep Purple set for a potential purple ombre look as well. Because nothing says “I’m a designer” like funky hair, right?! Pictures and process to come in a future post!

And lastly, I’m finally dragging my butt to the gym again. This isn’t a balls-to-the-wall grunting, mostly dying type routine, but a solid 30 minutes on the treadmill (mostly brisk walk while I build up the stamina in my jacked up hip) followed by a dedicated ab and arm program. Since we’re planning on moving up to Novice soon, I want to feel like I can support my horse where needed and not just be a passenger- and for that, I need to be in better shape.

Speaking of the horse, last night we had our first jump lesson post-hock injections. I also met my awesome-sauce farrier at the jump facility’s barn and Jack is now rocking pads up front due to some wonky steps he’s taken recently on particularly hard footing. The result was a golden boy that was anything but Mellow Yellow. Instead he was absolutely raring to go, and pushing off with more power behind than I’ve ever felt (see gif below). I’m going to be going cautiously regarding the ground conditions we work under, but was thrilled that Jack was feeling fit for work last night.

So that’s where we are at the moment! New, fully functional lazered eyeballs, funky hair, and a horse that is hopefully heading in the right direction. Things are looking bright! 😉

13 thoughts on “Britt 2.0

      • I can’t get mine light enough for that unless I want to kill it with bleach. Like really really kill it. I’m just gonna put it over my natural hair and see what it does… hoping the blue looks kinda navy? All the gray hairs might be nice and vibrant though. LOL

        • I am still playing with the Rose Gold… I did two applications and it’s interesting what parts of my hair picked it up. I’m hoping that the Deep Purple shows up more!

  1. Lasik is great! I got mine done a few years ago. It’s wonderful isn’t it? Couldn’t believe I could wake up and not be blurry anymore haha. And crossing my fingers Jack continues to do well after the changes!

  2. ditto L Williams, tho my vision has stabilized enough in recent years that i’ve been kinda cool with the contacts lifestyle (tho thank you, this post reminded me to get an updated prescription. such a hassle). also Jack looks great!

    • My eyes were starting to get aggravated by contacts, which was a big reason why we started talking about Lasik. Riding in glasses is such a PITA

  3. Oooh, Jack looks AWESOME!
    Congrats on the new eyes…hope they stay great! I am on the same gym mission. Sigh. Why is it such a struggle bus?
    And, I am going to PM you for a salon/stylist recommendation. I need to get my hair lightened again so I can get my lilac tresses on!

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