Rea the One-Eyed Wonder Mare

My best friend is a pretty remarkable person in a lot of ways- an entrepreneur who started her own mobile vet practice, and a phenomenal rider to boot.

And we enjoy special relations

So when I got this text about her already one-eyed mare, it was immediately followed by a phone call and a whole lot of f bombs.

To make a long story short, Rea ended up losing her other eye. Knowing horses as we mostly do here, you can imagine that this was a tough decision. You could also imagine that there was some discussion around whether or not Rea should or could continue on at all with no eyes.

So I was thrilled that The Plaid Horse picked up their story, and I won’t spoil it- instead I’ll tell you to go check it out!



7 thoughts on “Rea the One-Eyed Wonder Mare

  1. I read the story yesterday, amazing! My husband’s colt got a melting corneal ulcer when he was 2 months old (super fast way to halter break a youngster). I can empathize with the hourly meds and the ups and downs of an eye infection.

  2. I love that Rea has done so well with no eyes 🙂 I was really worried when I saw that she had another infection and when she ended up losing her other eye but so glad it’s turned out so well 🙂

  3. Ah mate, this is what I love to read. Horses that have owners like this and partnerships built that can survive things like this!!! x best story ever !!

  4. omg i have freaking chills reading that story. Amazing!! Thank you for sharing this with me. It made my day and made me feel a lot better about the crap I bitch about 🙂 Go Rea!!!

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