Product Review: Roeckl Lona Gloves

As a photographer, you could say a certain attention to detail is a built-in feature. Textures, colors, composition are all kings of our world, and well, so is an appreciation for quality.

So when I was asked to participate in a product review for Roeckl, a company known for quality and elegant design, of course I said yes!
While I have been wearing Roeckl gloves for years, I knew little about the company’s background and where it started. As it turns out, the 179 yr old Munich-based brand also makes gloves for other sports- including biking and various winter sports. Each line of gloves are specifically tailored to the intended sport, and reflecting on this, it shows- the equestrian gloves show ever evidence of thoughtful design. Seams are placed so that there is minimal interference when holding reins and a “second skin” approach was applied to the overall design- perfect for communicating with the most sensitive of equine mouths.
The pair of gloves I received were the Lona model in navy. As soon as they arrived, I could feel the quality of the construction and gleefully handed them to my husband so he could feel how soft (!) they were. Truly, as soft as they are, there’s no breaking in period with Roeckl gloves- put them on for the first time and they feel as though you’ve had them for years. To me, this is key- I admit I am a total princess about what goes on my child-sized hands, since I prefer to not notice my gloves at all. And that’s what Roeckl acheives with the Lona gloves. A totally synergetic experience straight out of the box.

Beautifully modeled here by my friend A

Having ruined many a pair of gloves in the past by clumsy misfortune, I was thrilled to discover another feature of the Roeckl gloves by sheer accident. That would be their quick-dry material, which I found to be a completely true claim after accidentally dunking mine in Jack’s water bucket one evening. But 20 minutes later and you would never know- I threw them back on and was pleasantly surprised to have avoided that horrible squidgy-mop feeling that comes with wet gloves or socks. I can only imagine as the mercury rises this summer that will be a great feature to have in a pair of gloves as we’re drowning in North Carolina’s summer humidity.
Besides being totally over the moon with the fit (it’s so cliche, but they really do fit like a glove!) and quality of the construction, I also adore the color and overall aesthetic of the Lona gloves. The branding is subtle enough not to be distracting (since who wants to draw attention to their hands in the dressage ring? Um, no one, that’s who) with the simple Roeckl hand mark and a small tag. And the contrasting white is just enough to add some visual pop without going overboard. The navy is a beautiful saturated blue that reads as both classic and forward-thinking, and could easily blend into all three phase’s ensembles at an event.
All in all, Roeckl really hits the ball out of the park with their equestrian gloves, and the Lona glove is no exception. Quick to dry, elegant to wear, and thin enough to feel like a second skin- these gloves are a definite win, from the schooling ring to the A show.
Disclaimer: I received this product in return for providing my honest and unbiased review. I received no other compensation. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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