PLANS ((plans))

After our successful outing at the Southern Pines Horse Trials, I can’t help but turn my attentions to what’s next. Of course everything, and I do mean everything, when it comes to horses has to be written in pencil instead of pen, but still it is good to have goals.

So happy because he thinks we’re galloping back to the barns

Speaking of goals, I realized that my Goals and Results pages have been thoroughly neglected ever since things with Foster fell apart. Expect updates there shortly!
After SPHT, the next big thing on the schedule is another show at the Horse Park, this one April 21-22- the Longleaf Pine HT. Sorry not sorry if you’re bored by how often I go to the Carolina Horse Park. I freaking love that place.

So trainer and I discussed what to sign up for, and she feels confident that Novice should be very doable. So, with that said, one month from now we’ll be eyeing our official move up.

So blasé about this height

Hearing that recommendation from my trainer made for 1 part eye bulge, and another part relief that BN could be a thing of the past. This is where the whole pencil spiel comes in, because who the heck knows what could happen in the next month, so this should all be taken with a heavy does of salt. Because, you know, horses.
So now I’ve got a new test to start memorizing, and prepping to do. Not only does Novice B have another stupid diagonal-centerline combo, but it also has the dumb turns from B to E right across the arena. But even still, I’m tentatively excited to be maybe (maybe maybe maybe) back at Novice next month!

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