Photography Friday: Our own family portraits

 Last September, the husband and I decided that this was the year we were going to take on a new adult adventure- Christmas cards! But first we needed some updated family photos, since our last professional photos were from our wedding, and of course didn’t feature any of our furbabies. I hired a fellow equestrian photographer, Southern Horse Photography, to make our portraits, and I’m finally getting around to sharing the results with you!

I also took this opportunity to get a portrait done for branding my photography business- so here’s me with my trusty D750!Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Photography Friday: Our own family portraits

  1. These pictures are not only lovely, but you can see the love between all of you!!! I smile, it’s beautiful to see. People happy and enjoying their lives, your pets/horses feed off that, they too look so happy and content.
    Mel x

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