Balls of Steel but Fairweather Friend?

I have felt pretty good about our move up to Novice in the next Combined Training event, meant to take place tomorrow. We’ve practiced the dressage – I have a gameplan for executing the new-to-Jack serpentine and where to highlight his trot in the test. We’ve been working on combinations, bending lines, and even mastered the dreaded roll top in our showjumping lessons, and the height shouldn’t be a problem for the giraffe Jack’s abilities.

What I am hemming and hawing about though is all thanks to Mother Nature.

Can’t we move to Sunday? Puh-lease????

With no stall, and a pretty strong hunch that it’s going to pour all day, both the trainer and I are debating giving it up. Who wants to stand around in the cold rain all day long? Not me.

Now, 60% isn’t all that definite, so we’re going to keep an eye on the forecast this morning, but let’s just say there’s a pretty decent chance of our glorious moveup being postponed to a… more inviting opportunity. Watch instagram to see what happens!

6 thoughts on “Balls of Steel but Fairweather Friend?

  1. I’m not a fan of the forecast, either! Tybee’s debuting at Beginner Novice tomorrow, and I had certainly hoped for better conditions. Fingers crossed there will be a better outlook as the day goes on today!

  2. Whenever I opted out of a H/J schooling show because of the weather, I always used to say, “I am an amateur. This has to be fun, and that doesn’t sound like fun.” I have found this approach works for me 😉

  3. Seriously what’s up with Saturday’s weather???? It’s just a really annoying reminder that technically it’s still winter 😝 Good luck with whatever you decide!!

  4. well how far do you have to haul? I would haul if not too far and he can just stand in the trailer if it downpours. But I agree i hate that kind of weather. So unpredictable. I will stalk INSTAGRAM 🙂 PS have a blast if you end up going!!

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