Show Recap: November War Horse BN XC

Having walked my course three times I felt confident that THIS time, I had no excuse for any kind of amateur moment. I knew that thing backwards and forwards, and though my feet hated me, I was sure I would remember my way around all 17 obstacles.

The course was nice in that it built in difficulty as it went along. Fences 1-4 were really straight forward, with the first question being a log pile on a slanted hill at fence 5. From there you went through the water and out over an inviting roll top, straight on to the world’s widest BN fence, and then a nice gallop up and down terrain to some combinations.

The second combination was what I was most unsure about- a log pile, followed by a U-turn left to a down bank and then slight bending line to a roll top. The only time I had ever done a bank with Jack was during the trial period, and that was only once down a baby (18″) bank. But I figured if I kicked on we would be fine.

One thing I noticed he struggled with at the last show was cantering down hills- Jack wants to come back to a trot immediately- so I decided this was an excellent thing we could practice to stay in rhythm through this course.

We had a bee-yutiful warm up and we felt really synced as I left the start box, and from there you can ride along with us:

My constant nattering will tune you in to where he shined, though it’s hard to tell from this vantage point where I felt him backing off or losing straightness as he made his way around the course. Fence 4 may have been “not cute” because we both got distracted by a person walking behind it, and a car driving behind it that you can’t see on video. The bank was a little bit of a scramble as well.

All in all I was beyond thrilled with how he built confidence through the course, and I admit I’m proud of myself for kicking on, even if I wish I was a little less talkative on course.

Our double clear round helped us stay in 3rd place- just .5 points out of contention for the bottle of wine that was 2nd place’s prize, and a healthy 10 points behind 1st- but considering Bobby Meyerhoff ran Rolex this year, I’m OK with that.

The show was a great way to end our short little season, and I have to say- I’m becoming a heck of a fan of the big banana boat!

18 thoughts on “Show Recap: November War Horse BN XC

  1. I always have to walk every course 3 times, I’m one of those idiots that has to know every single step of the course or I’ll have a derp. If the courses get any longer I’m gonna need a bike or something, it’s getting ridiculous lol. I love the video though, watching him thinking and learning as he goes along. It’s so neat to see them progress as they learn the game!

  2. WOW third place is awesome! Congratulations.
    I love how much you talk to him, I click my tongue and carry on when I ride too. I think the horses love it; they know you are happy with what they are doing and it keeps you connected mentally..
    You could really see Jack listening to you and I think you rode wonderfully.
    Can’t wait to see more video
    mel x

    • Haha the desperate clucking was because he was backed off of the first couple fences, which is also why I made SUCH a big deal of him going over them! I also think that horses love to hear praise, but for some reason I don’t talk to him as much as I ever did with Foster.

  3. Congratulations! What an awesome result!

    I just loved how his ears were constantly pricked around the course. Such a good boy!

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