An infographic view of the year of Photography

At the start of the year, I made a goal to really focus on my photography side-hustle. To get started I made an investment in new kit, namely a full-frame body and an 85mm prime lens that is officially my new workhorse. Then I scheduled a couple free shoots with folks who I knew had a large social media following. This not only allowed me to practice with my new gear in a low-pressure environment, but also helped get my name out amidst the huge number of photographers that pop up in my area every day.

Since then, I’ve made other investments in this endeavor- such as rebranding, and even getting the above headshot done for my website. I’ve learned a lot about marketing my services, though still have a huge way to go in that area. But 10 months later, I’m incredibly proud of where I am. For sure, sacrifices have been made, but every shoot is still so exciting to me and through my photography I get to meet some really incredible equestrians in my area that I wouldn’t otherwise know.


I hope you guys are not absolutely fed up with all of the Photography Friday posts, because I’ve got enough in the hopper to essentially see us through the year! Thanks to all who have made suggestions, left kind comments, and in general been on this journey with me. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for BGD!

12 thoughts on “An infographic view of the year of Photography

  1. That is so exciting! Good on you! And I still swoon a bit over your new logo when I see it! It is so cute! I enjoy your photography posts very much, especially because I personally have ZERO eye for photography and appreciate your ability! If I were closer, I would totally hire you, but Maine is a long trip for a photo shoot haha! 🙂

  2. I think your head shot for the marketing is spot on!
    I’m sure we all don’t get sick of hearing about it! I love when people live their dreams and become successful and grow. That’s what life is all about! Go you and congratulations mate 😃

    Mel x

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