Let’s Discuss: 2018 Travel Plans

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may have seen two bits of information hit the news cycle in the last few weeks.

1. WEG (World Equestrian Games) tickets have [finally] gone on sale

2. The Kentucky 4* event has a new title sponsor- Land Rover

Both of these events have been on my radar, and I purchased Eventing tickets (to my angst- more on this later) for WEG right away. Kentucky (I am still restraining myself not to say Rolex) is a TBD event for me, though I would love to attend after being thwarted by weddings for the last 3 years.

I would love to know- what events are you all thinking about for next year? Are you going to WEG or Kentucky? Anything else on your list? Should we plan a blogger meetup of epic proportions? XD

10 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: 2018 Travel Plans

  1. I really want to hit Lion d’Angers next year, that seems like it would be a ton of fun. Burghley would be second choice. I just can’t get excited about Tryon in any capacity.

  2. WEG blogger meetup for the win!!!!!!!!

    ONe day Rolex… errr Kentucky will happen… one day… maybe 2019? Definitely 2020 bc that’s such a cool year and the hats/shirts would look cool 😎

  3. Since I lived down the road from Tryon and still know so many people, I’m pretty sure that will happen, although dates and such are a little up in the air.
    The other side is I’m now 3 hours from Lexington, so obviously I’m dying to go to Kentucky and will probably try to get down there!

  4. I almost purchased tickets for WEG when they opened them to NC residents early, but I really want to see some driving and eventing.. And that’s a bit too long between for me to justify. So I’ve got to make up my mind if I’m OK with just eventing, or seeing driving and jumping. And then I’d rather have weekend passes, which they conveniently didn’t offer!

  5. i think i need to expand and go to a big name venue (Besides FHI in my back yard lovely though it is). Would love to do Kentucky (Yes i typed Rolex first). Maybe someone can twist my arm and make me get the heck out of DE/MD for a bit 🙂

    That ticket thing with Weg sounded like it was a nightmare! 🙂 And how dare people get married on horse show weekend 😉 HA!

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