Rebranding BGD

Britt Gillis Design, aka my side hustle, has been a big part of my life since I graduated with my Art & Design degree. It’s an entity that has produced countless t-shirts, logos, website designs, and of course photography.

As any designer knows, creating a brand for yourself is important to providing visual cues to help your audience form opinions. For instance a hand-drawn logo paired with a font like Comic Sans suggests working with children. An elegant, serif based logo can likewise suggest a bran with traditional values and a timeless offering. When I first created BGD, I didn’t know quite what I wanted to be. My logo, then, was a mix of a fun calligraphy font, a modern sans serif font, and a shape that suggested (to me) both design from both a fundamental level as well as hinting at the aperture of a camera. You’ve probably noticed this little ditty posted on all of my photography that I share on this blog every Friday.

However, in time all things change, and BGD no longer emphasizes design in all its aspects. While I won’t rule out any identity projects that come my way, my real focus is the photography that I love so much. That said, I felt like my logo was doing me no great good in suggesting either anything equestrian, nor speaking to the demographic that I typically serve. So I hired a calligrapher and went down the path of creating a new identity with her, and I am so pleased on where we landed:

The colors, the crest, and the whimsy of the design just make me giddy, and I love the subtle horseshoe nestled into the base, finally incorporating horses into BGD’s identity. My new watermark is simply my name now, and for me, marks each image with an image that relates the relaxed yet elegant style that I strive for in my work.

Have any of you gone through a rebranding exercise for yourself, or your blog? What visual components did you feel were needed to communicate who you are? What drove you to making the change in the first place? Did you outsource the rebranding project, or tackle it yourself? What would you keep today, or what do you think could be tweaked to meet your present image?

11 thoughts on “Rebranding BGD

  1. I am in the process of branding myself as my career has shifted quite dramatically over the last year. It’s so hard to find text/imagery that really defines you as a person/artist/businesswoman. I love your new logo and it’s very much YOU.

    • Oh that’s so nice to hear that you think it’s authentic, since you got to see the whole process! Branding is SO SO hard, which is why even though I have created plenty of logos myself I didn’t feel up to branding myself again. I’d constantly be second guessing myself!

  2. I LOVE the new design! I haven’t been reading your blog for that long, but I definitely feel as though it fits your online personality! And it is just super cute with the horseshoe at the bottom! I renamed by blog a few years back to reflect the changes in my life and even had a graphic artist design a logo. It is fun to feel “branded” even though I am just an adult amateur, and my husband and I just have a hobby farm (he has show and pulling oxen, while I have the horses!). 🙂

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