From Fair Hill to Vegas

Yesterday I traded in the [finally] crisp fall weather of Delaware for the gaudy views of the Vegas Strip. Where the former was filled with the outdoors, horses, and photo shoots, the next few days will be made up of classrooms and conference sessions.

Fair Hill, as usual, did not disappoint. I got to spend lots of quality time with J, meet up with bloggers (shout out to Emma, Carley, and Niamh!), and watch tons of quality horses parade around the gorgeous Fair Hill venue. Sprinkle in a few portrait sessions and I fully consider the trip a rousing success!

Quick meet up with Carley of Poor Woman Showing!

While I hope to update everyone with the finale to J’s 5yo YEH experience, today is just meant to be a quick update so no one thinks I feel off the face of the earth.

And a longer meetup with Niamh!

That’s it for now, details to come on Fair Hill and what the big blondie has been up to while I’ve been away!

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