A little about Jack

I have now officially owned Jack for 2 weeks, and though there is still so much to learn, slowly I am starting to figure out his personality. Here is what I have got down so far, for the uninitiated.

Things Jack likes:

  • Cross country
  • Chewing on ropes, particularly his lead line

Things Jack loves:

  • His new best friend Gunnar
  • Being groomed

Things Jack rather dislikes:

  • Bath time
  • The farrier
  • Walking on concrete

Things Jack hates:

  • Flies- or any winged creature that deigns to land on his sensitive skin
  • Having his face washed

18 thoughts on “A little about Jack

  1. For the head washing the show crowd use a squeezy ketchup bottle. One with warm water and shampoo,then towel off, then one with warm rinsing water. Or you could do me and just damp sponge the head seconds before a photo or class.

  2. Ummmm you clearly missed his love for posing in front of the camera 😉 He is adorable. I told a friend of mine, that is currently shopping for a horse, that if the horse you buy doesn’t make you want to squeal like a 12 year old girl, it’s the wrong horse. Jack gives me all the squeals. 🙂

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