Adventures in Horse Shopping: Trial Horse II

The saga continues, and hopefully, hopefully, this will be a concluding chapter. Yesterday I made the long drive again up to Virginia and picked up a certain palomino pony that made his debut on the blog a couple weeks ago.

‘J’ as we’ll call him for now is a 9 yo warmblood gelding who has recently started a career as an eventer. He’s a big guy at 16.3-17ish hands (to be confirmed) with a pretty cool demeanor.

That tail flip though

I have 3.5 weeks with J to decide if it’s the perfect fit, but after getting in a couple rides and him being so forgiving of my amateur moments [and obvious lack of equitation skills], plus carting me around over the biggest fences I’ve jumped since Foster’s retirement, I have really high hopes for this guy.

Jumping ahead and clutching the neck strap for dear life

I feel like a child who just brought home her own Barbie Dream Horse. Please keep your fingers crossed that this is the one!

19 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: Trial Horse II

  1. He is quite pretty. I honestly didn’t know that warmbloods came in Palamino. That’s pretty awesome. I wanted one when I was a kid but now that I’m a bit older I’m not as particular about color. Though I wouldn’t turn down that boy if someone offered him to me! 🙂 Fingers crossed you and he mesh well!

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