Adventures in Horse Shopping: The Virginia Trip

Sunday was a ridiculous 7AM-11PM day of driving, adjusting stirrup leathers, and sitting in some really nice saddles on some super nice horses. Rather than bore you with my written synopsis, perhaps it would be better to have you watch this clumsy, slightly unfinished (after horse 3 I was too pooped and the weather was not cooperating with vlogging and navigating) video version of how it all went.

21 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: The Virginia Trip

  1. I loved horse 2! You really couldn’t tell he was that much of a giant when you were on him. Horse 3 was a close second. As much as I envy you when I get to watch these little recaps, I do NOT envy ten hour days of driving and communicating with sellers. I can’t wait for more updates!

    • Oh my gosh, I am still recovering from the trip. My back is killing me!
      Horse #2 is a really neat guy- but holy moly that ring felt so small on him!!

  2. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY PALOMINO! Honestly horse #1 is my favorite, but I think we have different types for sure. But god I’m a sucker for a palomino!

    • I really feel like the first horse would clean up in the Hunters! And as far as the palomino- I KNOW RIGHT?! I believe I had the barbie doll version of him as a kid XD

    • I’m drooling over horse number 2..😍😍😍 my goodness!!! Definitely huge especially for you being of a shorter stature, but he looked lovely. Palomino is ahhh-dorable, I think you two look fantastic together!! So excited for you, love the video updates :)))

  3. Honestly, I loved horse #2 (but my horse is a bay 17hh gelding so….) but I think you and the palomino matched the best – and holy cow, his canter looked huge!

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