Adventures in Horse Shopping: Where have all the [Geldings] Gone

As much as I want it to, the horse market still hasn’t gotten that new surge of prospects coming in. Instead, everything available is too young, too old, or more likely, a mare.

So my list is fairly tiny at this time, though tomorrow I go to meet a very interesting local horse. Hopefully I will have some good news next week, but of course you never know.

Otherwise, things are quiet in blogland because we had a death in the family, and I’m simply swamped at work. So that’s my quick little update! Back to reality next week.

8 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: Where have all the [Geldings] Gone

  1. Ugh right… when I was selling Ramone i saw loads of horses I would love to buy but couldn’t because I still had him, once he was gone I felt the market just dried up of everything I wanted.

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