Adventures in Horse Shopping: Regrouping

So, you may have known, or guessed it, but last week I did a pre-purchase exam on a horse. And since I’m not overflowing with joyous announcements right now, it should also be somewhat obvious that I decided to pass on the deal.

I feel like the horse market moves in cycles- most days I obsessively casually browse my top horse-sales sites and go through the same “seen it, talked to the seller, watched the video” role call of the horses available. And then all of the sudden there’s an upswing and there will be a lot of good prospects appearing online.

Right now, I’m still trying to assess the financial damage done by the PPE and plan my next move. I hope to meet a local horse sometime this week, weather allowing, and I also have asked a couple of the working-student friends I made in Ocala to check out a prospect there.

I have eyeballs all over the place looking out for that perfect pony, and I am so appreciative for that. Hopefully there will be another surge of horses hitting the market and the right one will be amongst them!

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