Adventures in Horse Shopping: It Takes A Village

When you have a full time job, squeezing in the seemingly-necessary and tedious hours of scouring the web can be difficult. Finding the days to travel to see good candidates is even more difficult. So a lot of what I have come to depend on in my horse hunting is a village of people.

Many of these folks make up my closest friends, and send me appropriate horses, and sometimes wildly inappropriate horses (though adorable- but Fjords generally aren’t seen clearing 3’6″ jumping tracks) that they’ve noticed during their social media wanderings. Others are sweet bloggers, people I have met through sometimes random real-life events, or folks I have connected with along the horse-shopping journey.

This weekend's potential pone.

This weekend’s potential pone.

One of the things I am attempting to reign in is the number of hours I spend traveling to see horses. My reasons are thus- family in the hospital and needing to save those funds spent on plane tickets to go towards the creature itself. I’ve already logged over 10 hours in a car to see two horses in the last week, and next weekend am making a big trip to Aiken, to see 3 good candidates and recoup some of the travel costs with portrait sessions (and bonus- get to meet Beka as well!).

Last year’s KY horse-shopping trip:

Hillary has kindly offered to peak in at a couple horses for me in Lexington, KY, soon, and it got me thinking… What other bloggers out there might be willing to lend their eyes, ears, and bums to see a solid candidate in their area? Because… I don’t know, what’s more fun than horse shopping without the expensive repercussions? Occasionally I see horses in Florida, or Texas, Maryland or New York and wonder… is it worth the trip? Do I really need to take 2 days away from house and home to go see what could easily be a dud?

Realizing that most other bloggers have full time commitments, families, and you know, their own horses to take care of, I wouldn’t want anyone to go out of their way to inconvenience themselves unless it sounded like a fun idea. But if you are into the idea of my obnoxiously crowd sourcing your talent (and video camera) in search of the perfect horse, well, let me know!


26 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: It Takes A Village

  1. I love the one bay with the back white wraps on, super cute and awesome mover, definitely my favorite out the video! My boss has a 17yo previous 2* horse for sale as a novice/training packer. 10K. I can send you more information if you’re interested in coming up to the ohio area.

    • Thank you!! I’m trying to stay below 10 years old if at all possible ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoping to have many many years ahead of competition and shenanigans with the future horse!

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