Let’s Discuss: Does Smitty Need a New Bridle?

Purely self-serving discussion today, folks. My bad.


I bought this charming PS of Sweden knockoff because I just got the news that, shockingly (not), Smitty had just destroyed the bridle I sent him off to training with. Since we can’t have nice things, I decided to hold off buying the real thing and get this bit of strappy goodness for 1/3 the price. Win win, me thinks.


But upon trying it on, it’s obvious that the throatlatch is never going to fit- it’s way too big for him. But what about the rest of it?


I’ve had some people in person say no, it’s beautiful, keep it. A quick instagram debate said it’s too big for his face.


Part of me is definitely having trouble shipping out a nice, cheap bridle that my pony could do with (since besides this bridle we are down to zero brown bridles- first world problems yo). But hey, if someone in blogger land wants to pay me $75 for this worn-once PS knockoff, maybe I’ll part with it. Or, I keep it and take a pair of scissors to that dangly throatlatch.


Its fate is in your hands, blogland!

16 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Does Smitty Need a New Bridle?

  1. In my strictly personal, non-professional-tack-ho opinion, I’m not a fan of the bridle itself. I think there are too many straps and buckles going on, and I would maybe look into something simpler, especially since his head and face are somewhat refined. That’s just my opinion though, FWIW.

    • I think the straps are highlighted because I have everything on the shortest hole, so there’s a lot of extra leather there for our use. But I’m glad to take opinions- won’t hurt my feelings either way 🙂

  2. I don’t love it but it’s serviceable if you wanted to keep it. I still want a PS but I don’t want to pay for it. I’m digging my Lund bridle though and it is a sturdy thing! My tack care regime has been lacking lately.

  3. I like the front view of the bridle on Smitty but when you look st the side… to chunky for his lovely face so I vote it needs to go!

    If you’re looking for a cheap bridle that is fairly decent look at the HDR’s- they’re less than $100 and hold up pretty well. Nothing fancy and you do need to oil it a good bit at first but I’m pretty happy with the one I bought Chimi as his dressage bridle- still lusting after the PS of Sweden bridle that they DISCONTINUED just as I was getting ready to buy it… damn it…

  4. Keep it for now. I don’t think I could cut the throatlatch though…maybe pull it up at his crown and knot it? #westernrider lol Will be harder to resell with a cut throatlatch.

  5. I think it’s one of those bridles that would definitely look better as part of a whole picture, and will probably look better as Smitty gets stronger and starts to build all that lovely warmblood muscle. It also kind of accentuates his refined face! I’d be more inclined to keep it!

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