Smitty goes to Bootcamp

Smitty’s cold is basically gone, and with a calendar full of work conferences and dare I say, vacation, on the horizon, I decided he could handle a job while I’m away.


Enter bootcamp.

I’ve never had the luxury of being able to have a horse trained by someone else, but after finding a somewhat local rider with a reasonably priced training program, I’m excited to give it a whirl.

While there, Smitty will be ridden 5x a week, these rides being broken down into a hack day, 2 jumping days, and 2 flatwork days. Hopefully seeing a new place and getting over colored sticks more often than what I have been able to accomplish will be good for him, and for me in the long run.


This evening I’ll be packing up his saddle and bridle and taking ponykins to his home away from home for the next two weeks. I’m excited to see what he learns while I’m away!

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